Portrait of Loretta Barnett, proprietor, with miniature enamel teapots designed by Trade Plus Aid.

Page One Design specialise in unusual and collectible gifts including:

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Miniature Teapots

As the manufacture of all the Trade plus Aid, Charlotte di Vita and Tea Time Treasure teapots ceased several years ago, the teapots shown on this web site have NEARLY all been preowned. Unless otherwise stated, our teapots are always excellent quality. Please read the descriptions for further details.
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Photo of Candle Globe

Candle Globes

A range of safe and easy to use candle sets for personal use at home or in Spas, Restaurants, Pubs, Weddings, Schools, Exhibitions, Care Homes or any situation where long lasting candles are required without the risk of fire.

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Artis Orbis Collection

The Artis Orbis Collection is made from fine porcelain or hand blown glass and signed with the signature of the original artist. Finishing touches such as gold rims and hand-painted accents makes this range very special. Klimt designs are especially stunning. E mail us to receive a brochure of the full range.

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 Photo of Adam and Ziege Salt and Pepper Pots

Adam and Ziege Salt & Pepper Pots

Fun and Functional, these salt and pepper shakers are a little quirky! The condiment dispenses from parts of the anatomy e.g. nostrils, mouth and sometimes (e.g. Skunks) from behind! Also see sugar shakers, egg cups, toothpick holders and money boxes.

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Photo of Freshly Caught Fairy Folk

Freshly Caught Fairy Folk

Fairies in Jam jars - what ever next! All Fairy Folk are freshly caught and come in ventilated boxes.

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